Youth Education Support Campaign
- Education Creates the Future -

As a responsible corporate citizen, Olympus is implementing a Youth Education Support Campaign, drawing on the technological capabilities and knowledge of our Medical, Scientific Solutions and Imaging businesses.

On this page, we will be publishing a variety of articles and other useful content about youth education. We will also share a monthly report on our activities as we increase our efforts to mark the Company's 100th Anniversary and aim to hold 100 youth education events around the world.


Packed full of valuable information for children, students, their parents and guardians, and school and educational personnel!
Here, we will share a variety of information that offers pointers for independent research; suggestions for science, technology and mathematics homework; and information of value for future work and career choices. (Content to be updated regularly)

Global Event Report
"100 Youth Education Events around the World"

Our goal is to hold 100 Youth Education events around the world!
Here, we will describe the Olympus Group's Youth Education events in locations around the world. By holding these events, we are aiming to contribute to society by supporting today's youth and tomorrow's leaders. (Reports to be updated monthly)


* in fiscal year 2019 (Apr 2019 - Mar 2020)


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